Opening VST Inserts with Midi Controller

Hey guys I’m new here and new to Cubase as I am trying to lend a hand to someone and Cubase is not a DAW I have spent much time with.

We are looking to map buttons on a midi controller to open up plugins (edit) that have already loaded on a given track. Being that the button controller is a 4x4 (16 buttons total) it would be ideal to treat the controller as a bank of 4 in which he can access the first 4 insert slots for the different tracks within the bank (the selected track and the 3 tracks to the right).

Can anyone provide me with guidance on how to accomplish this? I did find a video of someone who was able to open all plugins on a selected channel via key binding and a third party app but we are not looking to launch ALL plugins.

My opinion: If it’s the array above you intend, I don’t think Cubase can do it, because the necessary functions are not included in the MIDI Remote Library. But I could be wrong…

That is exactly what we are looking to do.

I would “settle” for being able to open them independently on only the selected track if that is possible. If that is possible then I would probably opt to assign open/close to 8 buttons and independent bypasses on the remaining 8 buttons.

I’m likely missing something obvious but I’m not sure what it is. Since I don’t have the controller with me that will be used I am trying to repurpose my Faderport to test out some things. Here’s what I’ve attempted - Disconnected my Faderport from being a recognized device and created a new generic device in studio setup. In doing this, as you can see below, I was able to assign the address to specific buttons on the Faderport using the learn assist. From there I could access the VST Mixer and assign Edit and Bypass actions to the top 4 insert slots. However I cannot get Cubase to do anything with the Faderport at all after setting this up.

So I tried the new midi remote setup only to find that there is no VST Mixer nor could I find anything similar when going through the very long list of other things you can assign to a button.

Where am I going wrong?

Example of a Generic Remote configuration for 4 effect inserts of the selected track with “Edit” and “Bypass” functions

The MIDI Channel & Address combinations used must not be occupied by MIDI Remote devices, as these have priority over Legacy devices!

Hint: This type of remote control device in Cubase is obsolete and may no longer be supported in the next version!