Opening Wavelab 6 Montages in Wavelab 9

In Wavelab 6, Leveler was available as a Clip Plugin. In Wavelab 9 it’s not.

I have some Wavelab 6 montages I’d like to open in Wavelab 9 with that plugin (and it’s original settings) intact on the Clips. Would it be possible to make it available to Clips again, so the conversion would handle that?

It’s there:

Thanks PG, but that’s a different plugin isn’t it? And the Leveler plugin would have to be re-mapped to it, so it loses it’s settings on the conversion, making the conversion very incomplete. I only saw the actual Leveler plugin available to the Master Section in Wavelab 9, so it is in there, but apparently not available to the clip to do the conversion with settings.

Hum… I am looking at WaveLab 6, and can’t find any “gain” plugin for Clips.
Are you sure?

I’m pretty sure. The way I found out is because I was trying to open an old Wavelab 6 montage in Wavelab 9, and the only plugin that wasn’t converting automatically was the Leveler, which was on some clips.

So to make sure it was there in a standard Wavelab 6 install, I’ve gone back and installed Wavelab 6.11 on a Win 7 machine that’s never had WL6, and the standard install has that plugin available to Clips. (see pic).

So it would be great if the Leveler in Wavelab 9 could be made available for automatic conversion with settings if used on Clips in Wavelab 6.

I see. This is a 32 bit legacy plugin. Normally you will find it if you use the WaveLab 9 in 32 bit.

Thanks PG. I’ll check it out again.

But now that I think about it, all my other 32 bit plugins from Wavelab 6 translated with settings to Wavelab 9 64 bit, where I only have 64 bit plugins (no bridging). Isn’t the problem that the Leveler isn’t available to the clips, possibly in any version of Wavelab 9 ? (32 or 64 bit). Leveler is in the Wavelab 9 Master Section so I guess that’s a 64 bit version, but it’s just not available to the clips for translation. (?)

I’ll check it out again, but I think there’s still a bit of an issue.

In WaveLab 7/8/9, in Windows 32 bit, you have a set of “Legacy plug-ins”.
These never translate to 64 bit.
The gain plugin you mentioned, is part of them.

This is probably the least important thing I’ve requested (I’d MUCH rather have faster Region/CD Track renders from Montage, by utilizing more cores, that’s really my #1 priority), but since I started this I figure I might as well finish:

There are two Wavelab 6 legacy plugins available on Clips in Wavelab 6 that are not available on Clips in Wavelab 9 32 bit:

Voice Attenuator

So my WL6 Levelers don’t translate when the montage is opened in Wavelab 9.

I can probably get around it, it’s not a huge deal, but it might be better if it was looked at and I could get my Clip Levelers in with settings. It’s a bit odd.

Wavelab 9 vs 6 Available Clip Effects Legacy 3.png

Sorry, there is no possibility for these 2 plugins.

Have you tried JBridge?

I’m not sure you could make WL understand the bridged plugs as the same ones on the old montage, and therefore import the settings. The tech support at JBridge is excellent, they may be able to help you with that. You almost certainly will be able use the 32 plugins though.