Opening Wavelab with a blank slate

When I open Wavelab it’s always with my default master section and an audio file that I opened at one point.

How do i get back to opening Wavelab with just my default “look” but no audio files or master section presets loaded?

Two things.

  1. Hold down Command (or the Windows equivalent) when WaveLab is launching so you see the screen in my first attachment. Check the box in the lower left to determine your preferred default start, and choose “Create Empty” in the lower right corner.

  2. Regarding the master section, there is a check box in the Master Section settings that decides if the Master Section restores the last configuration or not.

I personally never use the Master Section for any actual plugin processing, and only use it to host my Clarity M plugin that talks to the hardware Clarity M meter. So, for me, I always want it to start with how I left it which is essentially empty/clean with no processing. Only the Clarity M inserted into the first Playback Processing slot.

However you like to work, that setting should be useful to you for getting a clean master section when opening WaveLab.

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Many thanks!! That did it.

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Hello. I got a similar problem but I can’t change my last configuration of the Master Section because Wavelab 11 Pro crashed before it finish loading all the plugins. So I’m stuck here. Tried to reinstall but nothing changed. I hope there’s a way to fix this, or maybe there is a data folder contains the last configuration where I can delete it to force a fresh start? Thanks before, and btw I got the same problem with previous 10 Pro.

Usually a re-install doesn’t help but there is a specific file in the preferences folder you can delete.

Are you on Mac or PC? I don’t know about PC but on Mac, here is the path for the Preferences folder:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Preferences/

I can’t recall the specific file that could relate to just the master section but deleting the entire folder will surely work.

You can back up the Preferences folder first and then restore any other settings you may want back.

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I’m on PC. It works! All this time I thought the ‘guilty’ folder is in the Program Files section, turned out to be in the Users section.

Here is the path for the folder(s):

\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\

Thanks and cheers!

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