Operation Manual versions??

I would like the Manuals to be more properly named by Version numbers so it could be easier to find the latest one.
Now I have two operation manuals for Dorico. One downloaded from the help pages and one from the forum here.
Both are marked “Dorico_1.2.0_en-US_2017-12-05” but the latest(?) one have fewer pages than the one I downloaded first. I can’t find out which one is the most updated.
Jon Buer


The link on the forum goes to a version dated 29 December 2017, which is also the creation date of the PDF which I have of the manual for version 1.2.

This page says that this link ‘…provides access to the latest version of the documentation for Dorico’, and is not strictly-speaking a manual - but help pages.

I asked ages ago for the manual version, or at least the date of issue to be included in the pdf, but my plea went unanswered. I think it must be Steinberg policy not to do this – which I find rather unhelpful. :slight_smile:


I’m perfectly aware of the pages you link to, and have read them.
My point is that both the manual at the Help page and the manual you are lionking to have the same dating (Dorico_1.2.0_en-US_2017-12-05) but one has 714 pages the other has 735 pages. This is not ok imo.
So I ask for proper dating and version marks for us to be able to select the last/best one without having to read half the manual to be sure.

The manual on the forum is dated 22.12.2017 in the thread, but that doesn’t correspond to the pdf file btw.


The latest version of the PDF will always be available on the Steinberg.help site, and not on any thread here on the forum.

The manuals team know that it would be helpful for there to be a revision date included in the PDF, and as I understand it, it’s something they will add as and when they can.

Thank you for answering, Daniel.
I’m still a bit confused about the Versions.

Helpsenter Version:
715 pages , which you say should be the most updated Version.

The Version linked to on Your announcement thread here at the forum:
735 pages, ??

Can I be sure that the smalest one is the newest? It’s hard to compare them by studying the Chapters. The “Write mode” Chapter for instans is very different, and are smallest in the newest(Helppage) Version.

Yes, it’s possible for documentation to get shorter despite being more recent!

I know it’s possible. :slight_smile: otherwise I wouldn’t ask.
I take Your answer here as a confirmation of the help center Version as the newest!
Thanks! :slight_smile: