Operations questions - dongle and midi

Hi gang, I am new to the modern versions of Cubase and there are a couple things I can’t find answers to so I’m hoping you all can help again.

  1. I am using Artist 11. When it is closed for a few minutes the light on the dongle goes out and the next time I turn it on it says there is no license and will close. Take the dongle out, put it back in, light comes on, and it all works. It seems like the dongle should be able to stay in and be recognized. Is this how it is supposed to work?

  2. Is there a way in midi to tell it to show notes as flats instead of sharps? For example, working in the key of Dm and seeing A# is weird. Bb would be a little easier. 3) Is there a way to colorize the right zone / media bay, specifically my favorites folders? Thank you all!!!

Sounds like the OS (are you on a PC or Mac?) might be powering down the USB port.

Yes use a Chord Track and insert a Scale Event on it that uses a flat key.

Not that I’m aware of

  1. It is a PC. Interesting the dongle is in a usb port now, not a hub, and is still red. It was in the hub when it was going out. 2) Awesome, I’m going to try that. Thanks for your help!

I’ve had mine on a hub for ages and it works fine. It should be a powered hub.

This is what @Raino was talking about

If you’re on a desktop, just go through and turn off power management for all your ports, then you don’t have to worry about things being shut down on you at the will of the eye in Barad-Redmond!
For a laptop, do what makes sense for the ports you’re using versus your power management/battery conservation needs.

Thanks for that! I had no idea that was possible. Done and we will see how it behaves.