Opinion: Quality of UR816C Digital Channel Strip for Processing Incoming Signal

Hi all - I have the UR816C audio interface which I use with Cubase 10.5. I’m considering whether I need to purchase an analog channel strip (hardware) or if the digital channel strip that comes with the dspMixFx UR-C is good enough. Essentially I’m looking to record industry standard vocals and I want the option to apply compression, EQ, de-esser, etc. to the vocal signal before the audio is recorded. Is it generally better to do that with an analog channel strip (hardware) or is the digital channel strip that comes with the UR816C comparable? I’m assuming the former is better, especially above a certain price point, but I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience with the latter and how it might compare to other hardware. Thanks!


I don’t understand why anyone would want to apply these effects before recording?
It’s so much simple/safer to record the raw tracks and apply EQ/Comp/De-S/etc. after.
And you can do all that with stock plugins in CB with excellent results, better/cleaner actually than with most H/W gear – if done right!
The only reason I would buy hardware gear today would be for the pleasure of handling physical knobs and switches! Not expecting better results, just having a bit more puerile fun in the process… :wink:

The dspMixFX with your 816C is great to feed a ‘comfortable’ mix to your headset while recording (w/o latency), but you still should record the raw/dry signal to your DAW. (feel free to record both)