Opinions on Laptop sizes/weights for audio/midi mixed with some travel (macbook pro)

I’m interested in either the macbook pro M1 14" or 16", and I can see myself picking either of them. I’d like to hear about people’s opinions on this choice.
I mainly do programming and audio/midi using Cubase while hooked-up to a desk monitor anyway, but I’d like to be able to move around as well. The 14" is DEFINITELY lighter and more portable, but the screen feels cramped compared to my older 15" laptop. That matters only when not using the monitor, of course. Also, actual audio work is probably going to tether you to a MIDI keyboard anyway. --so why would one pick the 16"?

In short, I can see myself with buyer’s remorse no matter what: “the screen is too small” versus “the laptop is too heavy.” --although the 14" isn’t THAT light. It’s 3.5 lb compared with 4.8.

Are there any specific reasons why you might choose a 16" laptop for e.g. working with Cubase even if you have a big monitor, or even if you know you’ll want to travel? (I suppose as a secondary “monitor,” but does that really matter?)

Is there any real reason why you’d pick one or the other that significantly impacts the experience?


My 2-cent:
At home, I would anyway plug a 32in. 4k monitor, so I would pick the 14in. laptop (Mac or PC btw).
If most of the work will be without an external display, go for the 16in. It also has a much better battery life (if a concern).

So according to what you described, I’d go for the 14in. for sure. If your eyesight is good, you can crame a heck of a lot of info on this hi-dpi screen when traveling, and you will enjoy the lighter package. The 14in. is also lighter on the budget…

In either case, you will maybe want to carry a numeric keypad to have the Cubase transport shortcuts handy (or a full keyboard or surface ctrl).

That’s fair. My eyesight isn’t very good though.
It’s a bit of a toss-up.
The 16" does feel better standalone, but I am not sure if it’s something that I could carry anyway. The 14" is lighter, but I felt things were too squeezed on its screen. I mostly program actually.
Can I really go wrong with either choice even if I mostly use an external monitor? The 16" makes for a good secondary display I suppose.