Opinions on Yamaha's mobile music sequencer

Any Cubase user tried the Yamaha mobile music sequencer?
I’m especially interested in the opinion of Cubase users about the key editor.
The user phrases together with MIDI export are looking very interesting for sketching out a tune.
If this thing works, the €8,- introduction price tag is a bargain.

Ah, Apple only. No can’t do.

And the cubase 6 question / answer is…?

And your answer/contribution is…?

edit: I’ve bought it and for those who care, the editor is pretty okay for laying down simple MIDI sketches. It’s a little bit of “getting used to”, but after that it does the job quite well (missing a few features though, like acoustic feedback on velocity editing). It’s real power is the fact you can use your MIDI parts as phrases, together with the section chords it’s very easy to try out some chord progressions and finally dump those in a MIDI song.