Oppenheimer - Academy Award for Best Original Score (Ludwig Goransson)

Nice to see Cubase used for the winning score!

[https://youtu.be/fWvX4M1dXss?si=c30aQcTHe-584NUm](https://Variety Interview with Ludwig Goransson)

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@9:58 shows a cool use of the Cubase tempo map and how it was used with the orchestra.

And I think the sound designer for “Best Sound” award recipient “The Zone Of Interest” used either Cubase or Nuendo as well.

The art of sound design in the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Zone of Interest’ (youtube.com)

It also won best international feature.


So, looks like two Steinberg customers got Oscars. Puzzles me why Steinberg would not use that for promotion on their web page.


So very cool to watch the video on how he did it. As well as to see how he works between Ableton and Cubase which imo is the perfect production setup. If only we had link…

It’s early days I guess and that sort of promo is a nice slow burn . They have a whole page on the website dedicated to Hans Zimmer:

There are other stories here: