Opps. Serious bug (?) for me!

I tried to record vocals through input 1 and 2 from my MR816X. I can see input and channel signal. But no volume in headphones! I have headphones volume on and I can hear all the other music through my headphones. I have tried both recording direct monitoring and low latency 64 ms. But inputs volume from mic is dead. I tried 3 different microphones. Same problem. Maybe this is hardware post but i did not have this problem with cubase 5 and MR editor 1.6. Anyone else?


Could you end Cubase, open the control pannel of the MR816 and check if the headphone is stilk checked at the right output.



Hi Chris.
I don know what you mean headphone checked right output. But I got the second output to work with both phantom condesator mic and without a shure m57 mic (signal go through headphone). But input one, do not work. I only use 1 and 2 input because of the front connections. I dont think it is a hardware issue. But i can be wrong. I am glad one input work anyway. Can it be somehting with MR 1.7?