Optical out s/pdif does not function windows 10 on new MSI B550 tomahawk motherboard cubase 5

It does not function.
I have one optical output standard on the motherboard and a creative rx soundcard with optical out attached on my motherboards thats new. I have no sound with cubase 5 with asio4all and also no sound with other asio drivers. On the HDMI from the graphics card i have sound output but both of the s/pdif’s outputs fails. When i close Cubase the s/pdif just funtions again, so it must fuction. I am afraid that i tweaked a wrong setting so cubase could not take over the soundcard, or that it has something to do with a new update from windows. Or its about the new hardware, the msi b550 tomahawk motherboard. It did worked on my older computer, also with windows 10. What to do ?