Optimize Cubase performance on Mac?

I have Cubase and Logic Pro X. In terms of visual slickness, Logic is superb. The scroll is instant and I can click between windows in a flash.

With Cubase, there’s lag.

What are the best settings - on the Mac and within Cubase - to have Cubase run smoother?

(Again; the sound output is fine. This post deals with more visual lag).

We also have a 2012 Mac Pro and have super sluggish performance with cubase 8.5.3

I think it’s related to the video card because I can induce audible popping if I scroll or move the mouse too quickly while audio is playing.

Still trying to figure it out. Any luck ?

I’m comparing the performance of our 12 core 2012 Mac Pro to a quad core i5 PC which was super fast and extremely stable.

Have you upgraded to 9.5.

That solved the visual lag problem for me on mac running 10.11

Cubase 9.5 improves performance greatly on Mac, and the 9.5.10 update coming in a few weeks will improve things further.

Have you tried turning of inertia in the settings accessibility section that relates to mouse and track pad?