Optimize delete double notes

Combining two tracks causes duplicate notes that can not always be deleted with te delete double function. Perhaps it is more convenient when you can glue the existing tones instead of moving the notes around to look underneath and delete one of them.

Isn’t the problem that channels are different, and that’s why so they’re not seen as doubles?

Set the channels to all notes to be the same.

the problem is if it’s not a “real double” like say c-1 note under another c-1 but is positioned 1 tick earlier,for us human it is considered as a double,for cubase its not.(even if the notes are in the same channel,sometimes gluing 2 overlapping midi part in the same track can cause the issue)

Yeah, I have the channels thing on my mind from that other thread. But it goes back to the historical purpose of the function, which I think has more to do with deleting notes created by machines, like a midi controller sending on more than one channel.

It has to be a real double to be called a double.

That said, some refinement allowing this fairly common occurrence to be automatically dealt with would be a good thing.