Optimizing Cubase Pro 10 for 96KHz, 24-bit audio

I am running an iMac 2015 with 32GB RAM and SSD drive for projects (audio streaming) via Thunderbolt. My audio interface is a MOTU 1248 (Thunderbolt). Little or no MIDI/VSTi’s. I am looking for tips for optimizing PLAYBACK (not latency) running many audio tracks, all at 96KHz, 24-bit. Even with the buffer set at 2048 (max) and audio priority-high, multi-processing and ASIO-guard, etc., I am still getting clicks and pops as my CPU struggles to keep up (I am guessing). My session needs to run at 96KHz, 24-bit. I know plugins are contributing to the bottleneck as well. So I am asking for tips more to do with workflow. I suppose I could pre-render insert FX or sub-mix and disable tracks to lower my track-count; but I was hoping to not do that to be able to continue to edit and mix freely. Any other techniques or workflow strategies? Thanks in advance.