Optimizing my computer after uninstalling Windows 7 Pro 64-b

I will uninstall Windows 7 64-bit Pro from my C-drive (SSD) completely because I have had some problems with making music.
I’m using Cubase Pro 8 and Fruity loops 12 as my DAWs.

Could you advice me, how can I get the most of from my computer (best performance from i7-4770K + 32 GB of Ram) for making music ?
My Cubase installation folder is c:\program files (x86)\cubase 8 pro\ and for VST’s c:\program files (x86)\cubase 8 pro\vstplugins
And I have installed FL12 64-bit to c:/program files or c:/program files (x86).
In addition I have installed some of my 64-bit plugins to c:\program files\vstplugins and all my 32-bit plugins to c:\program files (x86)\vstplugins. I’m not really sure if this is right or wrong.

Now I’m using mostly Full Kontakt 5 player (64-bit) and via it many third party plugins such as 8Dio, Soundiron, Cinesamples, Heavyocity etc. and major part of these VST libraries are located in another SSD-drive (not the same SSD-drive, where Windows 7 locates).

I have bought FL12 too and I would like to use this with Cubase via ReWire. Do you have any tips how can I use both DAW’s ?
For example if I want to use FL12 like a third party plugin in Cubase ?

Like I said, My Cubase installation folder for VST’s is c:\program files (x86)\cubase 8 pro\vstplugins. I’m not sure is it wise to install all the same third party plugins in program files-folder and Cubase 8 pro folder ? Double amount of same plugins in the computer.

One simple thing to do is to download a copy of autoruns and use it to control what runs when your computer starts. I’ve been using it for years with great results (and it’s free!). But, be careful – you can easily render your system unbootable if you delete something essential. So, when in doubt, do nothing. Cheers…