Optimizing workflow on dorico for iPad?

I’m trying to come up with efficient ways to use dorico for iPad. My current idea is to put the iPad on the music rest on my digital piano and hooking it up so that my digital piano serves as a midi keyboard.

This workflow works well enough, but my flow is always interrupted when I need to input a dot, tie, slur, change the note value, at which point I need to engage the touch screen and complete several steps to get what I want.
Is there anyway to map, say, a couple of commands/shortcuts to some of the buttons or even keys on my keyboard so that dorico can recognize them?

The utility of dorico for iPad in my use case could be incredibly useful if I could do anything about these obstacles.

If anyone else has any alternate suggestions, they are welcome!

Yes, I think you should be able to set up very low or very high keys on your keyboard to trigger the rhythm dot or tie commands. Have a look here:

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