Optimum Cores on a MacPro for Cubase 11


I’m just about to update my Mac Pro but want to get the number of cores that best match to Cubase 11.

I currently us an 8 Core model from 11 years ago. It’s been very stable but is now struggling a little!

Should I stick to 8 Cores or use 12 or possibly 16?

any thoughts?


An Intel Mac of today likely not last 11 years. Are you planing to stay on Mac you should at least consider to wait for the Arm based Mac Pro. If it is urgent and money is not a issue then buying the last generation Intel Mac will keep you float for 2-3 years. I think you need to double the core count to have a significant “it feels faster”. But then it will be ridiculously expensive.

Ah, I was hoping to get a new Mac to last another 10 years!

That’s good to hear about the core count. From what I can read, Cubase can’t really benefit from a high core count, so may be a 16 core would be the way to go.

Do you have any thoughts on when the new Arm based Mac Pros are coming? I can see on the Cubase spec that this is isn’t supported yet though. My current Mac Pro is basically stable, but does struggle with some projects now. I had a SSD put in about 18 months ago and that gave it a shot in the arm! I will need to do something during the next 3-6 months tops I think

I think Steinberg have 14 as “max”, but that was likely a Windows 10 result. And it is likely to change over time. And some plugins can use multicore too, like Kontakt. However there is no 14 core Mac in current lineup so 16. All Mac models is supposed have switched to Arm after the summer of 2022. My guess is the MacPro will be the last model to switch. It seems like it will be iMac and 16" MacBook Pro soon. But there is also lot of software that is not ready, including Cubase.