Option Content: Noir

Hey there, just installed Noir through Steinberg Library manager.
For some reason I’m not able to see the content inside Cubase.
Am I missing something? Is there a “library rescan” function somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

well where are you looking for it?

if you access it thru the media bay look for it in default location

c:\programdata\steinberg\Content\VST Sound

so just make sure mediabay get to index your install location and you should find it very easily next time

Thanks for helping.
I do not see the library Noir yet.

What I’ve done so far.

  1. Download the library via Steinberg Download assistant.
  2. Installed the library via Library Manager (Library manager says library is installed, see attachment).
  3. Open Cubase 11.0.10, went on menu Media - Media Bay.
  4. Within the Media Bay, winthin the file browser, I checked the external hard drive where all content is stored;
  5. Did multiple time “Refresh view” and “Rescan Disk”.
  6. Closed/opened Cubase multiple times.

When I search for “Noir” inside the MediaBay I do not get any result (no filter are selected, All media types are included).
If I search on the right zone on the project window, looking under Loops and Samples, I see many Steinberg libraries, but Noir (please see first post).

So, Steinberg Library manager says library is installed, I refreshed content multiple times, all libraries (vst sound) are in the same location, but noir is no where to be seen within Cubase.
What am I doing wrong?

Here the library manager:

Here 's the folder with the content, same as other libraries, you can see i.e other libraries that shows up, like Blockbuster, Analogue Techno etc… on first post attachment.

press on the “details” button to see where the library is located

if you have it in the same location it isn’t on your external disc

Not sure what you mean. If I press on details, I see the same location of all the other steinberg libraries included with Cubase. All those libraries are on an external hardrive, which I set as default long ago. If I click on details for any other library shown on the first post I see the same exact location (same external hd, same containing folder path) that’s given when I click on details for Noir.

So, I’m not sure why all the other libraries show up inside Cubase but Noir. :slight_smile:

I don’t know man. Try look under VST Sound in media bay.

if it’s not there try to re-install - it is just working here just like the rest of the lib’s