Option for C(no3)?

Would the team be open to considering an additional option for a 5 chord that displays “no3” in addition to the “omit3”?

I imagine the follow-up question would be “Can you show us a compelling example of this usage?” At the moment I can’t, although I have seen it quite a bit, and sometimes prefer it myself.

I think it’s generally used with parentheses. C(no3).

I’ve seen no3 a lot more than omit3. I way prefer C5 for this though…

I’ll certainly make a note of it for the future.

Can I get that to display as “C (Badass guitar power chord)”? I’m not sure all the guitar players know what “omit” means.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Can bass guitar players count up to 5? You only need “one, two, a few, a lot” to count beats :wink:

The ones who can count to 5 are welcome to join the union. :slight_smile:

(Proud member of AFM Local #3.)

In the U.K. if you’re prepared to stump up the £11.75 per month you can join the union, whether you can count to five or not. (Proud MU member)

I wish my M.U. only cost £11.75 a month…!