Option for not having staccato markings on recordings

Dorico often adds staccato markings when I do a recording. Is there a way to turn this off like there is for slurs?

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If there isn’t (which there might be?) then you can always select all and then activate and deactivate staccato to add and then remove all staccato dots.

Thanks. I know how to do that, but it is an extremely frustrating workaround considering my workflow involves a lot of recordings.

It seems silly to offer an option to remove slurs but not staccatos.

Unwanted Staccato markings when you do a recording… recording how exactly ? Don’t want to open my mouth prematurely.

I mean the “real time MIDI recording” or “polyphonic MIDI transcription” feature.

There’s no option for this at present, but it is something we plan to add in a future version.

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Ok. Hopefully it is fairly easy to fix so it can be in the next version!

Hopefully, they will make short work of it.