Option in Hub - open project with all instruments & plugins inactive or disabled

I had many times when needed to look into project - which instrument or plugin did a solo or fx, which instruments did that part etc. The Import isn’t enough - I can look the structure of tracks and folders, but not parts, events, presets etc.

Since we have huge projects and if they don’t have all tracks bounced, sometimes some projects take minutes to open. Therefore this request.

I suppose Cubase Hub could have a single button - Open Inactive and it would open project almost in the same state as it is if we open/activate/close another project while first isn’t closed. After you close second project, the first doesn’t activates (a feature since couple years).

If not inactive, then all tracks disabled so user can enable one by one only those needed to watch inside, operate, bounce stems etc. (one can imagine more).

Better to have both options - Open Inactive and Open Disabled.