Option in Mixdown Dialog window to Open the Folder where the files are exported after it's finished exporting!

Please add a feature to auto open the folder where the files were exported after export is complete.

Yes. +1

In that context, I find it really annoying that the export path is not saved with the project. When I open Project A and export to Project A/Export, then open Project B, it wants to export to Project A/Export. What’s the reason behind this? I need to go hunting for where my exports are a lot of the time because it exports it to some prior project’s folder. There, your requested button would also help to find them. But it would be great if the path would be per project.

Yes +1 nice idea

yes yes yes !
… and upload to FTP ?
i mean why not?
but yeah reveal in folder is the minium.


It would be very nice to have such feature.