Option "Save Master Section Preset" in Wavelab-12 don't work on individual audio files

Till Wavelab 11.2 when opening an individual Wave file, you can press “Star” icon to “Save Master Section Preset” for every wave file. So in future, one can exec de “Load Master Section” and every audio wave file had their Master configuration.
After update to 12 version, when press star button I get allways the same message “This function is only available if the audio file is located inside a project folder”.
Are there a way to change to the old way to work? Maybe in setup?

This is a change in WaveLab 12. In previous versions, the master section preset was saved in an ancillary file, and it was common for users to lose such files. Starting with WaveLab 12, the master section preset attached to a given audio file is stored within a project, which is safer. Therefore, to use the “Save Master Section Preset” feature, you need to have a project.

And why Steinberg think we need all the time to work in a project. Must I make a project for every wav file? This is a nosense…
I never lost a Master section Preset.
And if the Master Section Preset is saved for a project… how you do to move only several audio files for that project and the setup to another project?
I think I will take a look again to Adobe Audtion…
That break all my way to work with individual files that some day will be in a library o several libraries of sounds.

You don’t need, except for this case.

Of course not. You could have a single project and always use this one. I am speaking of projects, not of audio montages.

Why do you want to have several projects since you implicilty said you don’t use them?

Anyway, you can have Master Section presets (unattached to a specific file) that will be available across projects.

Another way is to have an audio montage per audio file, because in that case, the Master Section preset can be stored in the montage.

You don’t need, except for this case.

But this is my 90% of the all my cases. I work each file separately to leave them almost ready. And when I have a project to present or a commission, then I select those individual files and make a project, an assembly or whatever I need so that all the files have a homogeneity. But my work is day by day with individual files of the field recordings. I have about 15,000 files with their master section presets. Now that Steinberg has changed his philosophy, what am I supposed to do?

Originally, the option to save a Master Section preset along with an audio file was designed to temporarily retain the preset, specifically for the duration needed to complete a project. Your situation is unique and uncommon, I must say.

That said, I have considered your case and have just implemented a new method that will be available in the upcoming WaveLab 12.0.30:

  • If the audio file is located inside a project, the Master Section preset will be saved both inside the project and in the audio file’s ancillary file (.vs file, like in WaveLab <= 11). If both are present, the preset stored in the project is used.
  • If the audio file is not located inside a project, or if there is no open project at all, the preset will be saved in the audio file’s ancillary file (.vs file, like in WaveLab <= 11).

In other words, you will no longer receive the message, “This function is only available if the audio file is located inside a project folder.” Thus, you will be able to work as in earlier versions of WaveLab.

Important note: in the current WaveLab 12.0.20, if you open an audio file that has a Master Section preset in an ancillary file (.vs file), you can load the Master Section preset. However, if the option “Save View Settings with Each Audio File” is ON (and it is ON by default), the Master Section preset will be automatically erased when closing the file. Therefore, if you want to safely load one of your 15,000 files, set this option to OFF until WaveLab 12.0.30 is released. Once WaveLab 12.0.30 is available, you can turn it ON again so that the Master Section preset is saved within the ancillary file (.vs file, like in WaveLab <= 11).

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Thanks a lot PG1.
This was all I needed. I was really worried.

I updated to 12.0.30 and now finally can save Master Preset for every file.
Thanks again.

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