Option to couple marker events with audio events

An option for ‘locking’ markers to specific audio events would solve the following:

  1. When shuffle snapping audio events markers fail to update to the new audio positions.

  2. Behaviour of markers when using ‘Modifiers for Aligning to Parts, Events, and Selection Ranges’, the disjunction between audio events and markers means that having applied a movement modifier, one must manually move the marker to the audio event’s new location.

Solving the shuffle behaviour is the more significant of the two, current procedure is a major time suck, it’s necessary to use snap to event for every instance (select audio and marker, move) or markers have to be repositioned manually after shuffle snap is applied to audio.

The option to have markers automatically follow movement of audio events seems like a pretty basic feature, one that’s currently missing. It could be a simple ‘marker behaviour modifier’ added to the items in ‘Track Control Settings.’

Thoughts on this welcome.

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