Option to display Folder area VERTICALLY to save screen real-estate

Currently when you have many folders - for example MIDI folders for sections of orchestras etc - the folders themselves take up space and van be a hindrance.

I propose an alternate way of viewing folders where the folder icon/area is presented VERTICALL~Y in a manner that spans every track that is contained within the folder.

Here is a mockup

The idea does not seem bad, but I have 3 questions:
1)how does it look like when collapsed?
2)how does the name get displayed when collapsed?
3)how do you display a longer folder name if there are only 2 tracks in the folder?


1)it could be shown as a normal track when collapsed with 2) the name displayed horizontally, that would work visually imho.
But 3) could still be an issue

1 ) My answer would be pretty much same as your edit. Agree 3 could be an issue but I’d say most folder names are ( ought to be? ) relatively short…

( could be wrong) another suggestion 0- which actually ought to apply to everything - is that whenever the mouse hovers over such abbreviated text areas the full text is available either in a status bar at the bottom of screen or some box like with Ableton.


even if I know most of the knobs/menus in Cubase, a mouse hover tooltip would be really nice sometimes (and an option to enable/disable that).

I understand the issue you’re talking about. When mixing vocals I really keep folder tracks to a minimum so that I can still see as much as possible. If I’m mixing vocals, I’ll put all the lead vocals in one section and dubs/doubles in another area and I’ll route them to their own groups and the groups will sorta divide the sections, and sometimes I’ll color them to help differentiate them, but I won’t put them into folder tracks in order to save on space.

But it’s a somewhat small issue in my opinion. And I’m not sure this would be that great of a fix. At best you’d save a little on vertical space but you’d still lose horizontal space.

Have you checked out the visibility configurations? I think that’s really probably the better fix. It’s something I’m going to be trying to use more often myself. Perhaps they could also beef up the Zoom Preset/Configurations too so that you could save zoom presets that have certain folders open and closed and whatnot.

I have. they help - but can be a pain to maintain up to date. once you have four or more. Specially if one’s template is in transition.

I had the same problem too, until I managed to leave behind those visibility settings and renamed every track with specific number or letter codes and used the project logical editor. All my vocal tracks and groups have i.e. V__ infront of their names. So regardless of how often I change my templates, these things always stay the same.
So I put “PLE>Show all tracks which contain V__ in their name” on a keycommand. And everytime I hit the keycommand only vocal tracks will show up. You then can also choose to hide or show the folders too, depending on how you configured your PLE preset.