Option to download previous maintenance updates

So I also have issues with this new x.40 update which always crashes when I’m trying to close some plugins (Neutron, PureEQ so far). Everything was perfect with previous versions .20 and .30.
Let us revert or download the previous maintenance version, please.

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Could you please attach the crash/dmp file(s)?

If you are on Windows, you can uninstall the update.

If you are on Mac, you have to get the installer of the previous version, delete your current one and install the older one.

Previous versions are not available. I checked on the website and in the Download Manager. Only the latest 13.0.40 is available. This is why I’m asking for the availability of those. Except if there’s another 3rd place with installers available that I never heard about.

Will uninstall on Windows revert to the previous version? As far as I remember it was always uninstalling Cubase completely. Then the only option is to install Cubase again which will install… the latest version. Vicious circle :wink:

I don’t have crash dumps probably because it’s freezing before crashing. But if I manage to get it I’ll upload it here.

Where is the download location of your Download Manager, is it the default?

In that case change it to some other place (I have it pointing to an external USB drive) and it will keep the releases there. That way I can easily go back to the first patch level of each release.

I don’t keep previous installers anymore. I stopped doing it since Cubase 11 was super solid for me (and all the later versions). Ehh…
I see that it’s necessary to continue doing it because Steinberg doesn’t want to keep maintenance updates available to DL on their servers. Which is strange. We can download all the previous main versions but not maintenance updates. I’m probably remembering it wrongly but I think that in the past it was possible to download previous maintenance updates. Even if not, they should do it.

Before I start thinking about where I can get a previous version, I just save it. What is the cost of a 4 GB disc today and what does it cost if several hours of time are spent searching.