Option to enable MIDI CC curves by defualt (aka. linear ramp by default)

I have to say Cubase 11 is the best upgrade I have received so far. Rock solid here - except for a few bugs which I hope get fixed rather soon, like the MIDI CC curve bug when you change the tempo.

I am really enjoying the MIDI CC curves. Soooo much better.

Now, I was wondering if there is a way to tell Cubase to use the MIDI CC curves by default, i.e. always use a linear ramp between two points unless instructed to do otherwise? Would be great to have that as an option somewhere.

Doing mostly orchestral stuff there is little use of a jump in CC values.


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Agreed that this would be very useful and reduce tedium.

Controller Lane Setup Menu > Type of New Controller Events

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Awesome!! Now I guess Steinberg only needs to fix the strange Tempo map bug which currently renders those ramps/curves a bit less useful.

I hope they are quick. Otherwise, this is really great!

Thank you for the hint!

This isn’t working for me. I close the edit window after changing the curve property up the top to ramp (because it keeps changing back to step) then come back and its at step again! I have the setting described by steve always set to ramp.

I would never want step. I’d like to know who here would. It has no use yet Nuendo 12.0.50 keeps defaulting back to it. Its a constant battle.

FR: A setting in preferences to NEVER use step! EVER!

On the rare occasion that we need a sharp jump its easy to draw in ramp mode by pulling the point directly next to the previous point.


Yes, please! This would be extremely nice. I fight with step vs ramp A LOT. This feature would save me so much time.

It looks like Cubase will go full ramp mode (with optional step) in Cubase 13.

Actually I came here looking for the opposite setting, to have it default to Steps. I work with CC controllers all the time, and most of them are on/off switches, so 128 levels doesn’t make sense for my workflow. Good that I found what I was looking for.