Option to force autosave


I would like an option in the preferences that would allow you to force the autosave. I have noticed the autosave only works when you pause the playback. Sometimes I work long periods of time on my sessions without ever stopping the playback. I had it happen to me that after 50 min my Cubase crashed and although my autosave interval was on 30 secs, there was no autosave.


Maybe a better autosaving feature is needed, but forcing this to work during playback will not bring joy to anyone, when they suddenly see an hourglass or beachball cursor while the GUI comes to a halt during the save.

Even if there was a different and better auto save mechanism that didn’t reqwuire pausing the system during the save, I would not change my habit of reflexively hitting [ctrl/cmd]+s, since that will be the only way to be certain things are really being saved, short of running a separate backup utility.

My personal view is to not depend on the program for such a critical function.

I’m trying to get into the habit of saving myself. But every time I forget, Cubase crashes and I lose my whole project …

Pain is a great teacher.

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I think the reason you can Save a Project during playback while Autosave won’t is because Autosave needs to create a brand new .bak file whenever it saves while Save uses the already existing .cpr file - the extra overhead from the file creation can impact playback.

Seems they could have an option in Preferences to always Autosave that warns you it will glitch playback when it happens.

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