Option to generate a list of used plugins

I would like to have the ability to generate a list, a text file, with all the plugins used in a specific project. It would help me in the process of sending a Cubase project (the whole folder with audio, tracks, .cpr file and so on). It would be really nice if the person I send the project to has a list so s/he knows what plugins to get in order to get the project to work properly.

It would be good to have a meta database which keeps track of all plugins in all songs


i had to spend time manually marking this down during project-archiving for backward-compatibility’s sake - and was wishing this was implemented as well.

very generally speaking, it would be nice to see future ‘plugins’ transform into the form of ‘modules’ that could be instantly downloaded and compiled as a project loads. i am aware i’m not talking forseeable future here…

This is yet another among my ‘Version Control’ and ‘Project Management’ feature requests that go back years.

What is mildly gratifying to me is that it appears that others are finally getting on board.

It’s long past time for Cubase to take this sort of thing seriously.

A good model is what is used in the printing biz… it’s called a Pre-Flight Report. (See InDesign). It shows one ALL the assets required for a project (images, fonts, the devices used). Cubase should be able to have a similar facility. It could start with a report that listed:
…input devices
…VST plugs used
…out config
…MIDI tracks, with assigned gizmos
…ext. hardware

So when you opened an archived CPR you’d know what you needed. Or if you move a CPR to another place you can know ahead of time what they will need.

Another good and seemingly easy to implement feature.

And while we’re on requesting a metadata reporting feature, why couldn’t we have “history” metadata also:
Dates and times of all

  • recordings (both MIDI and audio)
  • off-line processings
  • bounces
  • etc



You might check out plugview (windows), it will read the contents of the cpr and list the used plugins and number of instances. You can copy the list to the clipboard. I use it with Cubase 8.

Plugview seems to be exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you very much!


I’ve been hassling the makers of my other DAW to implement this for years. Still waiting there…

would also like to see CPU usage per plugin so I can better budget CPU cycles and easily track down which tracks need to be frozen or bounced

That sounds like I really nice feature to be implemented. It deserves an own thread in ‘Feature Requests and Suggestions’!

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