Option to have Dorico not automatically generate parts


I guess I don’t mind the part layouts appearing, truly, but is there a way to prevent Dorico from making part layouts automatically by default? All i need for most things at the moment is a full score, and if I do need part layouts, it feels like it would make the setup screen a lot neater if I just generated them as I needed them. It feels a bit redundant and makes things unnecessarily busy when I make different layouts.


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I don’t think there’s an option to stop them being created, but you can select them all in Setup and dump them in the bin with 3 mouse clicks

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Obvs. I know you can delete them. Just - why create them when I don’t want them? 100 files = 300 clicks I don’t want to click.

So feature request - option to turn it off at least (it’s probably useful for new users)

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No need. Select the top one… shift-click the bottom one. Click the bin. Layouts gone!

Right, that’s three clicks. If you perform that on 100 files, it’s 300 clicks.

Sometimes I don’t want part layouts either. But in my case, I’m usually working from a pre-existing file.

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Or just ignore them.

Great minds Dan! Wish I was as organised as you - I quite like starting fresh each time. Probably does cause me more work than I need I’ll grant, but it’s like a fresh sheet of manuscript to me

Yes, as I’ve said, that’s what I do.

Look folks - two things annoy me about this - mess and redundancy. Who needs a soprano part for an SATB choir? Not many people. So why are we creating it automatically? It would surely cut down file size too?

As for clicking - literally anything which streamlines the work flow can be considered a good thing, in my book.

I suspect the difference in file size is minimal.

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Honestly, I don’t know what your point is.

Each to their own.

Who are you to judge?

Your workflow. Not necessarily mine. We all have different needs.

I’m sure there is a huge amount of Dorico capability that you do not use. Is that all redundancy in your book?

What is wrong with you? Are you bored? Would you prefer if I was wrong? How would it hurt you if there was a box to tick in preferences which would stop automatic parts layout? I mean, are you just trolling for the sake of it? Is this fun to you?

Who would have thought such an innocuous request would be so controversial!

By the way - hate it when Sibelius creates automatic parts too. Especially hate it when you want to do make a custom part quickly and accidentally hit “ok” on the “ automatically create parts?” dialogue.

Come on everybody - pile on - come at me, I’m obviously being unreasonable.

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No, that’s called “other features” and they are mostly hidden until I need them

So, could you not also consider layouts that you do not use to be other features?

Your thread title is a bit misleading. It says you want Dorico’s default behavior to be to not create parts. A ‘default’ behavior is how it works out of the box. People are reacting to that. A better title would be…

Option to have Dorico not automatically generate parts

Not judging here, just offering a suggestion.


You are good at those topic titles. I mean, technically I am asking for there to be an option “not to create parts [when a file is created] by default” I.e. to be able to change the default behaviour of the app, just like you might change the default playback template…

For whatever it’s worth, I think it’s a good idea…

(slinks away)


I dont mind Dorico making parts - in fact, its one of the prime reasons I use Dorico. To each his own. But I must admit I find it odd that when doing a solo piano work Dorico makes a Piano part as well as the Full Score - and yet, the full score is the piano score. I think this is a bit peculiar, as I would have thought the full score to be the performace score. The part seems redundant to me. Of course I can delete it, but in this use case I do wonder why it gets generated at all.


Well, in fact it is not. The “Full Score” is a score, with all its settings like page layout, showing instrument abbreviations at the beginning of each stave and so on.
The piano part is actually the player’s part…

I see the question is one of how much of their limited time and energy the Development Team should put on this as opposed to other, perhaps more broadly necessary or important, improvements to the program. It is the same reaction I have when someone suggests something be done in one click rather than two. The question is not whether that would add convenience but how important it is relative to other concerns.

Face it, composing or engraving involves work, enjoyable perhaps, but still work. So does programming. How much work the programming team should do to save how many users how much additional effort is important. I do not expect the Dorico Team to create a mind-reading routine to automatically write my music for me (with one click, of course), nor do I expect Dorico to start my morning coffee for me before I get up. (That should have been done by Finale long ago!)