Option to install 32 bit ver of Elements 9.5?

With previous versions of Wavelab we had an option to install the 32 bit version. Is that option available with Wavelab Elements 9.5? :question: I still have some really good plugins that are 32 bit and work very well with Wavelab Elements 9. Would like to use the plugins in 9.5. Thanks

WaveLab is 64-bit only now. Unlike (say) Reaper, it does not automatically bridge 32-bit plugins - but they can be used by bridging with an independent program such as JBridge ( https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/ ).


Thanks forgetting back PW. I do have the jbridge. Thanks for mentioning it though. I use it for a plugin from VB-plugins called VB_ffx4. Through this I access Steinberg’s-Spectral Design Mastering Edition that has “Free Filter”. Yes, I know, it’s a dinosaur :laughing: , but I really like to use it to match files automatically. I also use a Sample Magic plugin for reference. But Free Filter takes out the guess work and I can morph the intensity of the eq. This VB plugin loads fine in Elements 9 32 bit, and processes the files great! But, in Elements 9.5 64 bit, the files process, but they sound distorted. Is this because everything is in the 64 bit format in Elements 9.5? Maybe a work around perhaps? I also use the Mastering Edition plugins through VB_ffx4 in Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10; no problem with distortion with 64 bit there. Something happened from Elements 9 to Elements 9.5 internally. Because like I stated, within Cubase 9.5 64 bit and Cubase 10 the files process un-distorted. Thanks again for sharing any knowledge. :confused:

Is it just the VB_ffx4 that distorts, or do other 32 bit plugins also distort? You could try another bridge, like Bridgewize, to see if it does the same.

Also, do you mean you bridged this in Wavelab v9 -64 and it was ok?, or is this the first time you’re trying to bridge it in Wavelab?

Thanks bob99 for getting back. On the 64 bit version of Wavelab Elements 9.5, the Mastering Edition through the VB_ffx4 is the only 32 bit plugins that are used on the that version of Wavelab; all others are 64 bit. Yes, the only one that distorts when I render a file. Yes I have bridged the ME in VB_ffx4 ever since 9.5 ver was released. I think when I first tried to do this, I used the jbridge on the Free Filter dll file alone. The plugins did show up and would load in Elements 9.5, but when I got ready to render the file, Wavelab would crash! So that’s when I went to the VB plugin. It loads up fine; goes through the process of letting Free Filter learning the EQ. But when I render the file, it plays back sounding a bit distorted, and like it’s playing under water! I have not tried the Bridgewize plugin you mentioned. I will check that one out. Thanks for that tip! Like I said earlier, I like that Free Filter! It was the very first Vst Plugin I ever bought when I used Cubase VST 3.6! Thanks again. Going to check out the new plugin you mentioned!

Thanks to all who gave feedback on how to solve my problem with trying to use a 32 bit plugin on Wavelab Elements 9.5 64 bit! Special thanks to “bob99”! Your suggestion and mentioning the Bridgewize plugin did the number! :sunglasses: It worked! No more distortion and sounding like the rendered file is underwater! Thanks again! Now I’m back in business with the latest Wavelab Elements ver 9.5 64 bit and still able to use my very first plugin…“Free Filter”!!! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to all and thanks again to everyone. “bob99”…oh yeah!..

I’m glad it worked, but it makes me wonder what’s going on. Is it just this combination of plugins with jbridge in Wavelab? Has anybody using jbridge with 9.5.40 tried test signals or a 32 bit Wavelab version render vs a jbridge render? I guess it’s probably fine if no one’s noticed anything, but it might not hurt to check.

I totally agree. +1! Thanks bob99. Still working great here :sunglasses: . I had almost forgotten about the jbridge until I read this right now :unamused: .