Option to keep certain bars always visible, like Excel's freeze panes

On the left or the right in the project window … or in any editor window.


Sorry, I don’t get your feature request. What is the use case, please?

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Thats a no

Yes I realize that my description was more than ambiguous and for those not using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, it means nothing.
So I am just speaking of display, not audio.
Let’s consider I have 12 bars, part from a larger musical composition, I want to keep displayed while I am working on part far later in the bars, being able to keep these 12 bar in the display, splitting vertically the view of tracks, would be a solution easier rather than jumping display from one place to another.
Is it more clear ?

Good idea!
It could be a feature request

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I tried to reword your topic’s title to make the feature request a little more clear.

Thanks, I appreciate.

Hi all, I came here looking for exactly this.

The use case / user scenario is very simple:

  1. Have a Marker track at top (track #1)
  2. Have many tracks below that; as you work, you scroll up and down through on your project.
  3. While working on a new track, you want to see where you are in the project, so you look up at for the Marker track, but you can’t see it. To reference it, you have to scroll all the way to the top, then scroll down to look for the track you were looking for.

The Ask: if the Marker track was always visible, you would not need to leave the track you are working on.

I can see someone wanting to do the same with the Signature and Tempo tracks as well.

I was surprised to find that this doesn’t exist. Please consider it for a future version.

Added “Nice to have”: When you scroll horizontally past a marker (which may happen with manual scrolling, or during play / record), the previous marker stays on the screen (with perhaps a left arrow to indicate it’s earlier in the timeline) until another marker comes along.

Suggested New Title: “Need Option to Pin tracks at top of Track List”

Thanks, Chris

PS: I realize that you can also have a Marker window, but screen real-estate may not always allow you to see it, especially if you have Mix Console(s) and VST instruments / effects up as well. I work on a dual monitor setup and still run out of room. A pinned track (which for the marker, signature, and tempo tracks can be thin) would take of far less room.

Idea is to have a vertical AND horizontal behaviour, just as in Excel.
If interested, just add a vote, thanks.

there is a way that I don’t know if it is what you are looking for, but it can help if you know how to deal with it

Try Divide list or something like that (i don’t remember that name of the function)
Please Martin Jirsak, help me!

No, that’s not the feature I am requesting, I know this, totally different.

The divided track list unfortunately has its own “issues”. Select/deselect does not work properly in there and its not resizing to the height of the tracks it contains.

If you e.g. have a minimized tempo track in it and resize the tempo track, it gets hidden by the divided track list. In that scenario you would always have to resize the divided track list as well. Thing are getting even more complicated, if you (accidentally) scroll in there.

It would be way easier, if we could pin certain track to the top of the list (like it is possible in other DAWs and or programs like Excel?), instead of having to deal with a second tracklist implemented in a weird way.

Now back to topic: I think I like having pinned bars always on my left. So I could immediately compare different parts of the song, instead of having to scroll out to select both (e.g. the chorus pinned as the guideline).