Option to Lock Object Selection tool to just one ie: Normal Sizing

Please give us an option in the object selection tool drop down menu, to lock (and unlock) the tool to "Normal Sizing’, so it does not cycle through the other modes I never use every time I press ‘1’ on my keyboard.

As a 20 year Cubase user, I have requested this a few times over the last 3 or 4 years, now, here it is again!
PS: I’m not getting any younger, thanks Team Steinberg!

I hear you! But do you know about the workaround?

Create a macro, thus:

Been using it for ages. (not my invention)

I guess now there is a KC for that.
Tools > Object Selection tool: Normal Sizing at set it to 1 or whatever you like.

It works on my end.

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Same problem here. this goes all the way back to ver. 6. They never for a moment thought about patching this incredibly useless feature. Been using Cubase for almost 10 years now, and it always infuriates me when such stupidity is on display.

would like to try that macro, but I don’t know how to macro so it’s more Google for me…

Welcome to the forum @Guy_Schwartz Please, read the earlier responses to this topic. The problem that infuriated you has been fixed.

Just found this thread. Finally!!! A pet peeve of mine for many years.