Option to minimize Hub by default?

Would it be possible to add an option for the Hub to be minimized when a file is closed?

I’m in and out of files constantly, and I’m almost never opening files from the Hub, but from file explorer. I find I always have to wait for it to pop up, then move it out of the way or switch windows. I very much wish the Hub didn’t assert itself every time. Just a thought!

Preferences > General > Window > When last window is closed → Do nothing


Ha! Just when I think I’m a power user, this sort of thing happens… Thank you!!

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Ok, I’m back to this as a real request… when I tell Dorico to not load the hub, it takes much longer to open the next file, since Dorico (I assume) is having to launch afresh.

In long editing sessions over Zoom, we may be back and forth between many dozens of projects. When I close a project, I would love for the hub to load (that is, for Dorico to remain launched) but for the hub to be in the background.

Without making Dorico into some kind of application that can minimise to the system tray or similar (which isn’t planned), this isn’t possible to achieve. I suggest you make your peace with the Hub.

Would opening the second project before closing the first serve a useful purpose for you?

Indeed, I’ve found that the easiest solution. Open a new project and keep it minimized, so Dorico stays open and the Hub never pops up.