Option to open a 2nd external editor

I have and use both Wavelab 9.5 and iZotope RX7.
It would be nice for some audio events editing and repairing tasks to have the ability to start RX7 via Cubase 10.

Unless I’m not understanding, this is actually possible already. Although, I think you may have to have RX7 Advanced. But if you do a direct offline processing command and select “RX7 Connect” and hit “apply”, the RX7 window should pop open with the selected audio.

Is that what you’re talking about or did I misunderstand?

Ohh yes! Thanks. I had forget the use of “RX7 Connect” as a plugin.
I had in mind only the way Cubase connects with Wavelab

No problem!! :smiley:

btw, I actually just found that out myself a few months ago, and it’s super super useful!

I suppose that now with ARA2 in Cubase, if ever RX becomes ARA2 compatible, it will be superb!

No doubt! I’m looking forward to this integration one day. Though you will likely not have all the shortcuts and editor functions of the stand-alone editor.