Option to prefer split-bass chord symbols

I like MIDI entry for chord symbols, but it often gives me different chords than I want to write.

I wonder if it would be possible to add an option for Dorico’s chords detection algorithm to return split bass chords when possible, which is how I prefer to write them. For example, I prefer to write Am7b5 as Cm/A. And I prefer to write Eb6 as Cm7/Eb.

The reason is that I prefer to give simple chords (triads or major/minor 7th chords to my acoustic guitarists, and give the bass guitarist the split-bass note.

Yes indeed, it would be nice to have an option here. I like the way slash-chords are detected:
play and hold the higher chord in the right hand and afterwards play the lower chord with the left hand.

For split-bass-chords it could work similar: play and hold the chord with the right hand and afterwards play the bass note with left hand.

For some reason I cannot get Dorico 2 to accept MIDI chord input at all even for

  • a rhythm section instrument
  • a MIDI keyboard that has no trouble inputting notes
  • MIDI input activated for chords

Just curious - are you able to input chords (not chord symbols, but, say, a triad)?

A few weeks ago, Dorico went through a spell in which I had to play a chord PERFECTLY together, or else it notated the pitches one after another. A restart fixed it. Just a thought.

I can input chords notated as note on the staff (so the MIDI output is not monophonic) but when I open the chord Popover and play the chord on the Keyboard, nothing appears.

I recall trying out the MIDI chord-symbol-entry option when it was first introduced, and it worked fine then; so I am puzzled.

Derrek, try rebooting.

Dan, you should find that if you restrike the root note when you are inputting the chord, Dorico will interpret the chord as you want: i.e. play the chord in the voicing you want, then while the rest of the chord is sustained, lift and replay the root note.

Very helpful, thanks.