Option too Copy Text Content W/O all the XML Code!


Pritty simple requerst here, I would love to be able to copy text elements from cubase.
Using Ctrl + C. From places such as media pool, Audio track names, tempo list edit, and any where where you can select muliptle text elements. .

At present Ctrl + C from Media Pool and Audio Track Names dose work, however on pasting you get full xml and not just the text been displayed in cubase you think will be copied. Perhaps there could be an option to adjust how this works?

Esentially I build a lot of DJ mixes in cubase and Am looking for a quick way to copy and paste the track listing!

Many Thanks


Assuming you are on Windows I’d suggest instead of trying to copy the actual text you use ‘Snip & Sketch’ to copy an image of that text.

Picture, one thousand words, worth, still

Thank you, That is a valid option, and I guess I could then go the extra step and use one note to ocr the image in to text, but would it not just be easier if it copied as I expected in the first place?