Optionally show text instead of icon in value binding

Hi, I’ve noticed that occasionally I get icons in my bindings which make it difficult to understand what they stand for, while looking at the UI of the midi remote.

Let me give you an example, to explain it better.

In the following, screenshot, I have bound the “Edit VST Instrument” and the “Instrument (Add Track)” commands at the very first two buttons on the left:

At the same time, I have bound the “Remove Selected Tracks” and “Remove Empty Tracks” at the last two buttons on the right.

As you can see, these two sets of bindings, share the very same icon for each of their elements. This makes it difficult to understand what these buttons are supposed to do, unless we hover to see their toolTip text. But while working with the remote, it is obvious that we shouldn’t have to use our mouse, right? :slight_smile:

Currently, my workaround is to create labels to show what these buttons actually do, and at the same time I have controllers that show these bindings on their screen, so no problem for me.

However, for guys relying on the midi remote UI, I think that it would be useful to add a method to our page.makeValueBinding and page.makeCommandBinding, for example by setting something like this:


Another way would be to expose the icons to the users, so that we can alter them accordingly.

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