Options for running video on a separate computer..

I have recently switched over from Pro Tools and am loving Cubase.

I run my video on a separate computer, currently in Pro Tools 9. But, I can’t get the sync to work exactly as I’d like via MTC/MCC.

Are there any other software options besides purchasing a 2nd copy of Cubase to get sync between the two machines with scrub?

Currently I am using Cubase as master and Pro Tools as slave via MTC/MCC but I have to switch the sync off in Cubase depending on what I want to to do, which is a real pain.

I know for PC there is MTC Video slave, but I’m running on MAC’s and can’t find similar products.

Any film guys running video on another machine? If so, how are you doing it?

I’ve always run it on the same computer using either Firewire Device playback or a 3rd monitor output playing Fullscreen

Hey there,

Thanks for your reply. I like to run the video in a separate session so that I can have my sequencing sessions start at times other than the start time of the video. That way I don’t have to mess around with measure number offsets or large expanses of space at the beginning of a given session. It works very well for me…when I can the software to behave…

Theres Virtual VTR but the cost is pretty steep.

Any sequencer would probably do it - Logic Express, Reaper, Live - would they be cheaper than buying another copy of Cubase though? Does the cheapest Elements version show video and allow sync?