Options > Import > pulldown-entries doubled

HALion6 is so cool, but here´s the first not-understanding behaviour I found:

in the Options under the tab Import there´s a pulldown-list where you can choose f.e. Headroom for the samples

but there´s is every(!) entry doubled, see screenshot - that wasn´t in HALion5
(the screenshot shows “Multiple Samples” but the behaviour is also under “Single Sample”)

is this a bug or a feature?
if feature, please explain where?

PS: sorry for my bad english, but there´s no “Issue-area” in the german-community from Steinberg, don´t understand why… :unamused:
HALion6 Options alles doppelt.jpg

I suspect that you have a mixture of “single user” and “all user” installations for HALion 5 and HALion 6.

You can find the respective folders in “c:\Users<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion\Sub Presets” and c:\ProgramData\Steinberg\HALion\Sub Presets". A simple workaround would be to remove (or rename) the older one.


would it be a better idea to uninstall HALion etc. and install new?