Options in Inspector panel disappear when clicking it

Cubase 7.5
For a few months now, the options in the “Inspector panel”, which is left from the “Visibility”-tab left from the track window, disappear when clicking on them.
The one thing I need from the panel is to change the Input channel on audio tracks, but this is not possible because the panel switches to an empty field when clicking on it…

A workarround for this is to remove the audiotrack and add a new one, with the desired input channel

Anyone any idea’s how to resolve this?
Thanks in advance!


I have exactly the same issue, that has just started. With any track, I click on the track and the inspector view changes to show the relevant inspector settings for that track. However, should I want to expand for example, the midi modifiers, I cannot. I click on the Inspector heading (Eg Midi Modifier), and it will not expand.

If I click on visibility, it will still show the Inspector view, and then when I click on the Sub heading, it switches to the Visibility view (same behaviour reported by the above member).

This looks very buggy to me. Anyone else getting this?

I have attached 2 screen shots, one where you can see the inspector view showing Visibility data and the other where Visibility View shows Inspector data…something’ not right.

I just upgraded to 7.5.4 but this still persists.
Inspector Showing Visibility.png

Quick update…just restarted and all of the above weirdness has stopped. Not sure what that was all about

Hi Simple Music, thanks for your posts and the screenshots. Thats indeed the very same (buggy) problem. Sometimes it’s gone after a fresh restart, sometimes it suddenly happens when opening another project, and sometimes it’s gone when adding a new track… It is unpredictable and I haven’t found a way to, intentionally, reproduce the same behaviour…