Options to exclude Expression Maps and CC Data in the MIDI Export Dialog

Hello Dorico team,
Would be very nice and useful if we have two separate options to disable the exporting of
the Expression Maps and CC data in the MIDI Export Dialog. :slight_smile:
/Here we need to have in mind that some Expression Maps could contain CCs, if the disable function isn’t checked, it should preserve the CCs which are part of the Expression Maps, no matter if the disable function for CC data is selected. When E.Ms are disabled but CCs - not, then only the CCs which are part of the E.Ms should be excluded from the MIDI file./
Some DAWs have their own expression mapping systems and exporting them from Dorico
make the MIDI file very messy, because the exported expressions appears as midi notes, if they were keyswitches.
These options will make the MIDI file more clear for further editing in a DAW (Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One, Logic Pro - they all have own E.M. systems), which of course will save so much time. :slight_smile:

I hope you would think about such improvement! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

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I don’t think it’s likely that we would do this specific thing as you suggest, but I understand the underlying requirement, namely that you want the capability to export only the written notes and exclude the additional information required for a specific playback template. At the moment, you can do this by changing to e.g. the HSSE (SE) playback template before you export your MIDI file, but of course that can be a destructive operation so you would be well advised to save your project before you change the playback template and then discard the edited project after the MIDI export has completed.

@dspreadbury hello,
Thank you very much for the reply! :slight_smile:
I hope you are doing well!
Yes, you correctly understood the idea of this request. :slight_smile:
I will use this temporal solution but in the future would be nice if you consider to implement such
MIDI file Export options, because they will save so much time.
Switching every time to HSSE (SE) isn’t the most correct and logical way to achieve this result.

Thank you once again for the help! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

In addition to being destructive within Dorico, the resulting MIDI file can be destructive to any DAW that plays it. This output embeds a Program Change, so if the currently loaded synth responds to program changes then playing the MIDI file will change the patch. Yes, it’s possible to clean up that data - but you have to know it’s there, and have to be careful not to play the MIDI file before cleaning it up. I have a folder of MIDI clips that I preview in REAPER’s Media Explorer, and unfortunately Dorico MIDI files mess up my patches.

Just a thought… does the same happen if you apply the Silence playback template?

For anyone using REAPER, there’s a plugin in ReaPack called “MB MIDI Event Filter” that provides MIDI filtering and channel remapping. Toggle “Program Change filter” to “On” and the MIDI clip won’t mess up your synth preset:

Hey Daniel,
Hope all is well. I, too, think that implementing the option to export MIDI without any CC data would be immensely useful and a huge time saver.
Thanks, Sebastian

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I’d be interested in a reply to @Janus question if the issue cannot be solved simply by applying the Silence template. What happens in this situation?

If you use the Silence playback template, then no MIDI will be exported.

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that answers that one then…

I use NotePerformer in Dorico, but usually export to a DAW to do a more realistic mockup. The amount of time it takes to find and delete all the NotePerformer-specific CC info, that doesn’t work with other VIs, is pretty time-consuming.

I found a workaround for the transfer of MIDI files from Dorico to Cubase. I created a preset in the Logical Editor (see screenshot), and then created a Macro in Key Commands that deletes all MIDI CC as well as all Program Changes of the selected MIDI files.

Hope this helps!

Screenshot 2022-09-27 095341