Opx-pro volume controlled by midi-slider

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Hello at Sonicprojects,
I have installed OP-X Pro-II 1.3.1 on my laptop. I use Vst live pro from Steinberg as host.
My question is: How can I control the volume of the OPX-Pro with the midi-slider of the vst live pro? Midi learn only works with an external master keyboard.
Hello Alex
Unfortunately I don’t know VST Live Pro (I didn’t know it at all) and therefore I can’t say anything about it.
How exactly does this slider work? As an audio mixer?
And if not, what does it send out?

Hello Peter,
I have attached a screenshot for you.
So, as you can see, you can select audio or midi for the source in the layer window.
I don’t know why Steinberg does not made 2 separate sliders for the volume (midi and audio). I have already added it to the request list of Vst live :wink:
If audio is selected then the volume is controlled by the plugin host.
If I select Midi, the internal audio volume is controlled by the plugin. This is not the case with the OPX pro.

I will also ask the Steinberg team what kind of command the midi slider sends.

cc#7 main volume. Pan sends pan (cc#10 if i remeber correctly)