Orchestra staff spacing

Hi guys, I looked through the forum and couldn’t find the answer to my question, so here goes:

I’m doing the tutorial ‘entering a symphony’ on your YouTube page. I’ve followed the steps presented exactly (at least I think I did), and while his result after creating all the instruments looks like this:

Mine looks like this:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Your Space Size (Layout Options–Page Setup) is much too large for a full orchestral score, and/or your page size is wrong.

I’d recommend a Space Size (rastal size) of Size 8.

It was the page size. Thank you, Dan!

Breitkopf and Hartel full scores use (approx.) 10"x13" page size, if that helps. Also, presumably you’ll be condensing the score, which affects the overall sizing. I would do a raw entry of all the music in galley view, then condense the score. That will show the way to staff sizing and other layout issues.

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