Orchestra template and colours

I’m working on my first orchestra template. Have already over 150 tracks grouped in a few folders. As I could see on YT - many of you have use different colours for a different sections like brass, strings, woodwinds, etc. I did this same way, but when I’m editing only strings then every string instrument in midi editor is in the same colour. I was wondering is there a way to switch 2 colour sets quickly, When you want to see large context - whole orchestra colours by sections are OK, but wen you want to edit different instruments in one section it could be helpful to make them in different colours.

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For my part I prefer to keep the same color for each set
Woods Brass Strings Etc…
Then I use PLEs to show or hide the instruments themselves
For example
Captures of my configuration
on touch screen
Example 1:

Example 2

PLEs and macros that can now be added to PLEs
in Cubase 12 Pro are very powerful

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Wow and what is PLE?

I think I get your point, but still this is no an answer for me. Here, take a look what editor shows when you have mine and yours configuration. Lets take only strings: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, etc.

Everything in the same colour. It would be nice to have it in different colours to take a quick look and see where we are with the instruments and octaves.

Hiding different instruments doesn’t help here.

One thing I’ve done (in a pop, not orchestral context) is to use the same basic color for a group of instruments but then use color variations for different instruments within the group. For example my vocals are various shades of green, guitars are red and drums/percussion are orange.


PLE = Project Logical Editor.

Initially it seems much more intimidating than it really is. Here’s how to use it to show & hide Tracks based on the Color Name.

Outside of visibility you also might want to explore some of the other options to color-code Notes in the Key Editor. In the pic you posted if those Notes use different MIDI Channels for each Instrument then you could set it to show each channel in a different color. Below shows the option to color the Notes based on Voice. By default Notes don’t have any Voice assigned, but you (or the Logical Editor, the PLE’s cousin) can freely assign a Voice to a Note. In this example the Notes in the top line are set to Soprano and the line below to Alto. And the poor notes at the bottom have no Voice.

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Thank you @raino for your answer. I checked the solutions you mentioned above. PLE seems to be powerful, but not so easy for someone that has no IT mind at the same time :wink:

Colouring notes as voices or channels also seems to be to complicated, I don’t know why some tracks stop play when I change the channel to 5, etc. Sorry I’m not a pro user ;(

If Devs read this my idea would be to give us 2 colour sets to switch quickly in midi editor. Then I could make colours for whole orchestra as set 1 and colour set for the sections - like strings.