Orchestra Template and Ram Usage(Already Purged all samples)


Recently I made an orchestra template, like 100 tracks or even more,lots of libraries are spitfire series.

The thing is, I already purged all Kontakt samples in all tracks, but still, this template uses 42G ram instantly after I load it, and then the ram usage keeps adding up, although I didn’t play a single note…,eventually this number stops at 57G, left me 7G to use(64G totally)…

My question is:

1 Is this normal? Is there anything else that can consume such amount of Ram except sample libraries?

2 How can I solve optimize this problem?

Anyone please help!Thanks a lot!

Did you try to disable tracks? I was created the orchestral template about 200 tracks and all of them is disabled. When I will need some of them I simply enable them

So purge all isnt enough and now we have to disable unused tracks?ok then……

Is there more solutions?

Yes, use vienna ensemble pro.