Orchestral fullscore: how to split barline between horns and trumpets?

The initial bracket over all brass is good. But how to barline between horns and tpts?


Hello Stefan,
go to Engrave Mode.
Select the first bar line after the initial bracket (so after bar 1 or after an upbeat), then grab an end and drag the barlines up or down - or use Alt+arrow up/arrow down - to get your desired view.
„Barline/Bracket-Change“ will be valid until the end of that flow.

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Thanks very much k_b! It works.

Interestingly this is a lot more cumbersome than how Sibelius operates since forever. Why go to another menu to do this?

Stefan, to be honest, I have forgotten, how this works in Sibelius (despite having used Sibelius heavily since version 1.2…).
And Engrave Mode is the right place for this, as it has nothing to do with the actual music (Write Mode) or how it sounds (Play Mode).

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This is the kind of change that Sibelius users too often make accidentally, because it’s so easy. A perfect example of the motivation for separate Write and Engrave modes.


I agree here – I used to keep on making accidental engraving adjustments when wanting to change the music itself, and occasionally vice versa. The separating of Write and Engrave modes was one of the things which first attracted me to Dorico. Especially as Dorico mainly takes care of the boring engraving stuff for me, leaving me to get on with writing music and trying to produce half-decent playback.

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