Orchestral music

I am new to Cubasis and iPad DAW, but has anyone tried putting Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, or VSCO 2 into Cubasis sampler?

I think this is not possible for Cubasis, and after not so good experience on another app, I have to conclude a PC is needed for this.

Hi Jmcmillan,

While I can’t answer your question, please find two Minisampler tutorials right here:


Hope this is of help for you.


Yes I have watched these before. Cubasis sampler is good, but I would have to remap all of the samples! Just over 500GB. I would also have to ignore EG settings, velocity tracked settings and round robin settings.

I was hoping for a similar sampler to the PC based Sforzando on the iPad. Auria’s is close but not quite there either.