Orchestral panning issue

To make my orchestral piece sound as real as possible I have emulated a conductor with some tapping, page turns and a cough, but it seems to be quite intrusive. How do other people EQ and Pan their conductors please ? I have seen a number of orchestral panning layouts, but not suggestions on the conductor and this seems to be an oversight.

Many thanks in advance

I would watch some reference presentations on youtube, isolate some conductor presence parts and try to emulate it with your tools (eq, pan, reverb).

I would personally keep it close to center, but find a way to place it far back, and barely heard.

I’d also find the right moment to place these accidentals, like during quiet passages. It should be like you only heard it during the 5th time you’ve listened to the piece. Not something that becomes part of the song.

I commend this sort of realism and slight sense of humor though!