Orchestral Premiere London - Magnificat with EW Hollywood Choir

Hi to all forum members,

Last week on Saturday, July the 3rd, an orchestral work is premiered in London: The Fourth Game. It was performed bij the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Alan Taylor in London, UK. LCCO
You can follow the score while playing the music on YouTube. Of course it is notated using Dorico.

The Fourth Game

And when you are on my channel, also check out the Magnificat that I recorded using the East West Hollywood Choir and a famous Dutch organ in Hauptwerk. It took some serious programming but with the text shown it does a decent job with the text from the Book of Common Prayer. I post this because I know many of you are also working with this piece of software.


As many of you, I switched from Finale to Dorico from day one and never had any regrets! Also because I have never seen software develop so fast!
Enjoy this wonderful program and many thanks to the team!


and was the Magnificat mock-up produced in Dorico? I ask because some have said that there are issues with the HC but it generally sounds fine for you. I use the Symphonic Choirs myself.

No, it was produced in Cubase…I knew about some issues so I didn’t even try in Dorico. It was an issue with Play 6, if I recall correctly.


I made this comment directly on the video but il add it here too:

The Magnificat is excellent. Hauptwerk served you particularly well. As for EW choirs, having a familiar text and words on screen helped a lot. I bet if you overdubbed a real woman and a real man with the choir to smooth out the text the illusion would be complete. Excellent composition and excellent mock-up!

I feared that was probably the case as Play 6 does indeed seem to have significant issues with Dorico. Both choir and organ sound pretty good, I must say!

Thank you for listening and commenting on the Magnificat! Very important to me, especially from fellow church musicians.
And indeed, James, about the overdubbing with real voices, I did this very thing on another piece I wrote for my male choir and it does smooth out the imperfections of EW! I did that after your tip in some post a while ago; so many thanks for that! But the Magnificat was made before that and I need good singers for that.
The organ is my HW organ in my studio at home: the famous Bätz organ of the Dom Church in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Very rich and versatile.
If anyone has or know a choir that would like to sing this piece just say the word, I can get you the score; Dorico format of course!

Best, Frank

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To be clear, I thought the EW did a venerable job on its own, too. Definitely a 1000% improvement over a standard library’s ooo or aaah sound. In fact, I would personally count the illusion as sufficiently complete for me to imagine how it would sound with a real choir rather easily. It doesn’t take too much of a leap to put some mental mortar between your mock-up bricks to imagine the wall complete.

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